Explore your creativity.

iPad Pinsaic


Pinsaic is multilingual; it supports basque, english, french and spanish.


Easy to share

If you want to share your creations with the rest of the world it's very easy. Just tap the share button and select your favorite social network.


Art gallery

You can save your creations in the art gallery and load them whenever you want.

Two game modes

If you know what to draw, just select "Let's draw" and start drawing! Otherwise, if you need some inspiration select "Will you be able...?" and try to draw whatever it is proposed to you.

Four different boards

You have four different boards. A simple board and three with "mirror" effect: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Multiple board sizes

You can choose between three predefined table sizes; small, medium and large, or use a custommized table that allows you to specify the best size that fits your needs.

Plenty of pins

Is your imagination limited to a few color and shapes? Neither Pinsaic; you have 11 pins and thousand of colors to shape your creations!

Clean and simple design

As Pinsaic is designed to be used by kids and adults, it has a simple and clean design that It's easy to use for everyone!

Hello! I would appreciate any suggestions or comments regarding Pinsaic!